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Irwin is proud of it's diverse community members. Here is a chance for you to meet a few of us.


Curtiss is a volunteer community activist originally from Simmesport, Louisiana but his family moved to Irwin when he was 12. Curtiss works for a well-known snack provider as assistant manager for vending and distribution. His territory covers both Camp County and Wood County. 
 Curtiss Weems
Curtiss Weems

Curtiss had volunteered as "Citizens’ Officer of the Peace” for several months prior to Warren B. Diggs’ hiring, assisting the county sheriff’s office in a disorderly conduct case and the recovery of a stolen tractor. He drives the bus for the ILHS band whenever they participate in regional competitions and showcases. He also helps the Barksdale Road merchants maintain town ordinance 1999.07 cleanliness standards along their sidewalks.

peanut bars
Food: Millie’s Friday Catfish Platter
Movie: “I like em all.”
Time of Year: Revival Week
Saying: “If the devil is in the details, then I don’t want the details.”
Place to Eat: Millie’s

Thing I’d like to do before I die: Be in a musical revue and learn to dance


Lester Utley
Lester Utley
Lester is a junior mechanic at Jake Dunn’s Irwin Automotive specializing in wheels, brakes, and oil changes. If you’ve got a car in Irwin and Lester hasn’t changed your oil, you’re probably in the minority.

Lester was born in Denton and moved to Irwin with his mother in the mid ’70s. Lester is known as much for his alternative means of communication as he is for his inability to communicate vocally. His accident occurred prior to his move to Irwin and involved ingesting unnatural substances when he was four. While at ILHS, Lester was voted Homecoming King his senior year.
Drink: European stouts (domestics s*ck)

Food: Dinner
Movie: Rockford Files (movies s*ck)
Time of Year: Time for you to shut up
Saying: [EDITED--look closely at his shirt if you really want to know]
Hobby: yanking your chain

Thing I’d like to do before I die: P*ss you off as much as you p*ss me off
Best thing about working for Jake Dunn: 1. Every other Friday off
                                                          2. Somebody else washes my f***ing shirts


Yawler Nuts

TBO Golf